1) How long does it take to do installation for the Motorized Wardrobe lift ?

   Usually about an hour and a half but could be less if you have experience.

2 ) Who do I call for service?

    The manufacturer will provide any over the phone assistance or send any necessary parts. A contact number that is answered and available both week days and weekends is included in the directions provided. 

3) What if I need a custom lift that is wider or needs to come down more than 50 inches?

     You would need to call the manufacturer StorageMotion Inc and they may be able to help you.  Click on - StorageMotion Inc

4) What is a Wireless Wall Switch?

    It is a remote control that mounts on the wall. No wires are needed .    

5) What is the difference between a Hafele motorized wardrobe Lift  and your lifts?

   StorageMotion Inc  is the ultimate manufacturer for both.

6) Why are the shortest wardrobe lifts more expensive than the longer units?

    This is because the manufacturer has to modify the motor to make it shorter so it will fit in the tube. 

7) Can you build an enclosure for the motor tube? 

    Yes this is often done but is not required. Most customers just paint or polish the aluminum tube.  

 8) What if I Need a 220 volt motor OR I am not in the US or Canada?

    You must contact StorageMotion Inc directly and they will help you.  Click on - StorageMotion Inc